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The People's Poll Attack - Week 17

Posted on: March 8, 2010 10:03 pm
(The Week 17 People's Poll can be found here)

The People's Poll is meant to provide a voice to the average college basketball fan, free from media and homer bias. Sometimes, the people need to be reminded of this. The result: The People's Poll Attack.

Poll of the Week:

The 2009-2010 NCAA regular season has come to an end, and not a minute too soon if you a North Carolina Tar Heel fan like me. Sadly, this year's People's Poll went out with a pathetic whimper reminiscent of the Tar Heels performance at Cameron this weekend. Only 31 polls made the cut this week... lucky for me, there was enough to have some things to talk about this week.

I'm going to break from tradition this week. All in all, people put together pretty solid polls this week, so as a result, there's only small snippets of certain polls I can discuss.

I'll start with Duckbill30. It appears he has a bias against the Big 10. How else can you explain both Michigan State and Wisconsin not showing up in his poll? There were two "blatant omissions" this week, and both of them are courtesy of Duckbill30. Though perhaps there is a perfectly good reason why he chose to rank Northern Iowa, Louisville and Cornell instead of the Spartans and Badgers.

Next up is KVSkubball. We've butted heads a couple times this year, as his polling formula was producing interesting results early in the year. Truth is, I give him a lot of credit - of late he'd been producing pretty good polls. This week's stood out a bit. Temple at 24 is what first peaked my interest. This is a team with an RPI of 15 and a record of 6-3 against the Top 50, including wins against 4 likely tournament teams (Nova, Xavier, Siena and Virginia Tech). What's even more interesting, is that in this same poll, he ranked Texas A&M, Maryland, BYU, Wake Forest and Clemson ahead of the Owls. Actually, the fact that Wake and Clemson are ranked right now is peculiar enough.

Wachoosay is up next. First up, I understand that Purdue is not the same team they were with Robbie Hummel. However, their resume is impressive. Plain and simple, they are a Top 10 team. Wachoosay has them at 11, which is not unreasonable. Until you see that Maryland is at #9. Quick comparison - Purdue is 26-4, Maryland is 22-7; Purdue has an RPI of 11, Maryland 19; Purdue has an SOS of 50, Maryland 20; Purdue is 4-2 against the Top 25, Maryland 1-3. Suffice to say, when you compare resume's, Purdue should be ahead. Finally, he also ranked Utah State at 17 and Notre Dame at 21. High slotting for unranked teams.

Blatant Omissions:

I've already mentioned them above. Pretty good week overall.

I'd like to close by announcing that unfortunately I won't be able to continue this Poll Attacks next season. My work schedule has continued to become more and more hectic, and I feel that in a couple weeks this year it has forced me to sacrifice the quality of the Poll Attacks. I still plan to participate as a reg in the People's Poll next year, however, I need to take a step back. If you're interested in taking up this job, get in touch with Jawhk.

Thanks to everyone for another great year of People's Polls! Best of luck to you in your NCAA pools.


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Posted on: March 9, 2010 10:12 pm

The People's Poll Attack - Week 17

It's been a pleasure Canuck. I'm glad I found this outlet to express my thoughts about the "GREATEST GAME ON EARTH"! Disregarding the inevtiable "homer" and just plain "stupid' rants of us die-hard college b-ball fans, this thread has allowed those of us who actually have a life to check in from time to time and act like we know a little about this game.

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Posted on: March 9, 2010 4:09 pm

The People's Poll Attack - Week 17

And, btw, if you want to really narrow your definition of "Top Teams" to the consensus, through-the-whole-year-or-at-least-

a-majority-of-it "Top 25", or Top 25 RPI ... Maryland beat Duke (#2) once, while Temple beat Villanova (#9) once, Xavier (#21) once, and Richmond (#24) once. 

Maryland lost to three top teams; Temple lost to two top teams. 

Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest and Virginia Tech are Top 50 RPI, but so are Siena and Rhode Island.  Dayton comes in at 52. 

The analysis holds.

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Posted on: March 9, 2010 3:14 pm

The People's Poll Attack - Week 17

"Top teams" played by the Maryland Terrapins: Cincinnati (L); Wisconsin (L); Villanova (L); Duke (one win, one loss); Wake Forest (L); Florida State (2 wins); Clemson (one win, one loss); Georgia Tech (W); Virginia Tech (W).

That's a pretty loose interpretation of "top teams," since it includes any team that made the Top 25 (ANY top 25) at any point in the season.  Maryland's record against those "top teams": 6-6

"Top teams" played by Temple (same definition): Georgetown (L); Siena (W); Virginia Tech (W); Villanova (W); Kansas (L); Rhode Island (two wins); Xavier (W); Charlotte (W); Dayton (W); Richmond (one win, one loss).  Temple's record against "top teams": 9-3.

Perhaps you two need to re-think conference strength in your formulae; it appears you have a built-in bias.

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Posted on: March 9, 2010 1:11 pm

The People's Poll Attack - Week 17

Hi Canuck, great job with the attacks, as usual.  Too bad you can't do them next year... although your schedule might change, who knows?

As far as KVSkubball - he and I both are having a system that evaluates a team's resume.  While it does produce different results, some of those you mentioned came up for both of us, meaning that those teams' resume probably objectively ranks higher or lower than the general perception.  Temple is one of those, I did put them back into my rankings, but their overall resume is weak due to the lack of top teams they played.  I only credit them with one top win, over Villanova.  This pushes them below some other teams that play in a stronger conference. 

Maryland comes in at #9 for me in score ratings, which is exactly where KVS ranked them.  I ranked them at #14, because I do think that is inflated, but they did have an excellent run in ACC play, highlighted by that win over Duke last week, a team that might get a #1 seed, but no lower than #2. 

I am not ranking Wake but Clemson only briefly dropped out of my rankigns this year, when they went on a skid.  Clemson did win 6 of their last 9, three of which I consider "top": Florida State twice, and Maryland.  They only lost one home game in conference play, and that was to Duke.  While that isn't solid, it seems to be enough to push them above the others of similar resume every week, since there are so many teams that alternate between winning and losing, that 6 of 9 seems good enough for a ranking in the twenties.

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Posted on: March 8, 2010 10:56 pm

The People's Poll Attack - Week 17

Great job this year canuck. I feel I can breathe a sigh of relief now that I have managed to steer my poll clear of your attacks this year. While I always felt like I had a very solid poll I was always worried that I may have ommited something inadvertenly. Thanks for all your work here. Good luck the rest of the way. 

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